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The FarmSense platform

Pest Detection

Monitor 24/7 from the comfort of your office or home with FarmSense novel patented FlightSensors deployed in your fields.

Real Time Classification

Detect multiple pest species in multiple crops with accuracy and precision with each FlightSensor.

Intelligent Analytics

Benefit from our AI cloud-based Machine Learning Engine which refines the pest models for your fields with each new data point.

Labor Saving

Reduce risk with our full service installation & subscription service; no more sticky traps or delays in pest data.


Novel sensor technology

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Awards & Grants

Vodafone Wireless
Innovation Award

Microsoft Corporation

United States Department of Defense

University of California, Riverside

Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation Award

National Science
Foundation Award

University of California, Davis

United States Department of Agriculture


National Institutes of Health

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Entrepreneurship World Cup

FarmSense - Radicle Inclusion Challenge Logo

2023 Radicle Inclusion Challenge by Nutrien

2023 Bayer Grants4Tech Pest Monitor Challenge


Field Tested with Multiple Crops & Pests

For decades, farmers have been stuck with few options for pest management. Most use sticky traps – a time consuming and inaccurate method. 

Our non-invasive FlightSensor uses a patented algorithm to detect and classify insects much earlier in the population cycle, providing real-time counts from the field and alerting growers. No more checking sticky traps or waiting weeks to find out what is in your field. With FarmSense, you get faster and more accurate data that allows for more effective treatment options. 

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