We help growers understand what pests are in their field and how to manage them more effectively

Monitoring is the keystone to a sustainable and effective pest management program

For decades, growers have used sticky traps or manual traps, but the lag between the time of an insect’s arrival and the time it is counted & classified means you are only getting a partial picture of what’s happening in your fields. 

In contrast, our FlightSensor™ can deliver actionable intelligence almost immediately.

The sensor captures insect signals from the fields and sends it – along with environmental information – to the cloud. From there,  our patented algorithm classifies and counts the insect, then shares the data to your personal dashboard in real time.

With FarmSense in the field,  you can see the status of your crops wherever you go, whenever you need. 



We make, install and maintain a digital monitoring system that alerts growers and eliminates uncertainty about the pests in their fields. Our FlightSensor is trained to recognize and capture the wingbeats of each pest. Flightprints ™
are unique to each insect species.


Wireless Data

GPS Enabled

Weather Resistant & Durable

Year Long
Battery Life

No Sticky boards
to count

24/7 alerts

Multiple pests

Self-optimizing AI

Eliminate pest uncertainty

Pest models


Automated and energy independent

Each Flight Sensor is fully automated, energy independent and can be equipped with basic weather data sensors. Integrated 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity allows reliable automatic data collection.

the standard shaped housings capture pests very efficiently

durable, light and weather resistant housing

species identifying Flightprints™ detected by the sensor

integrated 2G, 3G, LTE and GP

The most widely deployed model of the FlightSensor™ has a similar external appearance as conventional delta traps, therefore its pest detection efficiency is on the same level with earlier detection.

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Sensor and the Platform

Predictive Analytics

Depending on crops/situation, can be delivered as text alerts, dashboard etc

Big Data

We have collected more insects digital data than the rest of the world combined

Insect Models

We have collected more insects digital data than the rest of the world combined

Patented Flight Sensor™

Sensor (Hidden Inside)

Solar Panel (can be placed for optimum sun exposure)

Wireless (uses existing cell phone networks)

Compare FarmSense

Our non-image-based digital sensors cost effectively provide accurate 24/7 pest species identification and counts, and alert growers to pest population trends and potential economic injury. 

Farmsense Competitors
(discriminate different pests)
Broad Spectrum
Robust (rain/wind,
Optimized for limited
Detection of multiple
Labor saving

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