About the FarmSense Team

We are the next generation of insect monitoring.

Before we discuss the FarmSense team, consider the following: the agricultural industry loses more than $220 billion dollars in crop damage each year – all because of insects. It’s time for this to change.

For decades, farmers have been stuck with few options for pest management. Most use sticky traps – a time consuming and inaccurate method -followed by a broadcast spray of selected pesticides and insecticides. Unfortunately, these treatments can also affect beneficial bugs we rely on to pollinate more than 70% of the global crop supply. 

There is a better way. Using computational entomological models, we’ve created a real-time sensor that can help farmers make better decisions for pest management, saving time and potentially boosting crop yield. 

We believe that when we leverage the power of machine learning and computational modeling, we can help save lives, reduce hunger and help developing countries achieve food independence.

We take the uncertainty out of pest management for better farming and a brighter future. 

Our mission

Our mission is to leverage modern computational power to mitigate the harmful effects of insects and to enhance the beneficial impact of insects.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide data that enables the goals of global sustainable agriculture.

FarmSense can help growers reduce losses from insect pests and lower dependence on pesticides.


Monitor what matters in real time.

Get real time insight into your crops, anytime, anywhere. 

The FarmSense Team

Leslie Hickle - The FarmSense Team

Leslie Hickle, Ph.D.


  • Biotech Entrepreneur
  • Startup & Product launches in Agriculture & Animal Health
  • IPM Innovator Award, CA-DPR 2000

Tracy Headshot FarmSense

R. Tracy Ellis, Ph.D.

Customer Success

  • Career entomologist with customer service focus
  • Extensive outreach & education to growers, agencies, stakeholders, & communities
  • Pest Control Advisor, Qualified Applicator, County Agricultural Biologist Licenses

Shailendra Singh, Ph.D.


  • Entrepreneur
  • Expert in system design and building

Eamonn Keogh, Ph.D.


  • Top 10 data-mining/ machine learning researcher
  • 300+ papers, Google scholar h-index of 100
  • Fastest promotion to Distinguished Prof at UCR
  • 2021 IEEE Research Contributions Award Winner

Lynne Rollins, MBA


  • Healthcare BD & Finance
  • CFO for multiple startups in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and agriculture

Cliff Kitayama, Ph.D.


  • Licensed Pest Control Advisor
  • New product R&D
  • IPM Innovator Award, CA-DPR 2013

Join The FarmSense Team

The FarmSense Team is looking for smart, highly-skilled, highly-motivated people who are passionate about creating a healthier planet.

Please contact us at:
 [email protected]

The FarmSense Team

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