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Beneficial Bugs - FarmSense

Beneficial Bugs to be Thankful For

Insects…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Updated February 2024 – For most, the word “insect” is considered synonymous with “pest”, but if we explore the entire insect ecosystem, we quickly...

FarmSense Future of Pest Management

What Will Pest Management Look Like in the Future?

A Practice That Evolves as Much as Pests Themselves Most farmers would probably agree that pest monitoring and management is an ever-evolving practice that requires undivided attention to both your...

Farmsense - Understanding Pest Management and IPM

Understanding Integrated Pest Management

Pest Control with Sustainability in Mind Whether you are cultivating a small, backyard garden at home or you’re managing several acres on a large-scale commercial agricultural operation, you’re probably familiar...

Improving the Efficiency of Your Pesticides

Carbamates and Pyrethroids and Organophosphates, Oh My!  For most, these names probably sound like some obscure chemical nomenclature, but for commercial farmers, these are easily recognized as vital components to...

Protecting Your Apples and Almonds - FarmSense

Protecting Your Apples and Almonds

Protecting Your Apples and Almonds Updated February 2024 – Apple and almond crops are more than just staple food items. For many, they’re a way of life and a livelihood....

Tech That Helps Save The Bees

Everyone wants to help save the bees… …but without some form of pest management farmers may lose crop yield. Is there a better way? It’s no secret that bees are...

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